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Terms, Conditions & Guarantees

CFR Roofing have so much confidence in their roofing skills that they will provide you with a 20-year guarantee for water ingress caused in any way by their intallation procedures, and will undertake to repair the affected section of the roof free of charge.

CFR Roofing's 20-year Guarantee Certificate

20-Year Guarantee

CFR Roofing's 20-year Guarantee Certificate is subject to the customer complying with specific conditions, which are outlined below.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer taking all reasonable measures to maintain the roof in a serviceable condition.
  2. The customer advising CFR Roofing in writing of any leaks arising in the roof within 10 days of discovery. In the event of a claim being invalid, the customer agrees to pay CFR Roofing a call out charge for a survey and provision of a report, which will be charged at an agreed standard hourly rate as determined by CFR Roofing.
  3. The Guarantor, CFR Roofing and its employees being given free access to the roof during normal business hours.
  4. The guarantee shall be in respect of the service life installation and materials in relation to the effect of normal weather conditions. It shall not apply if damaged by any other means, such as subsidence, vandalism, or tampering of any kine or excessive foot traffic over areas not previously stated by the customer to be used for this purpose.
  5. Excludes consequential loss.
  6. The price charged for the job has been paid in full. If you have been paid by cheque, this will not be considered payment until the cheque has been cleared.
  7. The Guarantee Certificate is transferrable to new owners of the property in which the roof has been replaced but only if CFR Roofing have been notified at the time of the sale. Transfer of ownership will incur an adminstrative charge plus VAT. CFR Roofing reserves the right to honour the Guarantee Certificate at all times.
  8. Duplicate certificates can be arranged. CFR Roofing reserves the right to charge a fee plus VAT for any administrative work incurred.

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