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If you need an established local roofing contractor with the relevant skills and expertise, CFR Roofing have been providing professional roofing services to the Cardiff and Penarth areas of South Wales for over 36 years. Whether you need an urgent repair following storm damage or a completely new roof, then give CFR Roofing a call on 07974 953414. Their range of professional roofing services is second to none.

Double garage in Newport with a replacement flat roof from CFR Roofing

Fascias, soffits, guttering and tiles replaced on this Cardiff roof

About Cardiff

The Romans invaded Wales about 50 AD and about 55 AD they built a fort on the site of Cardiff. In the late 1st century Wales was at peace so the fort was reduced in size.

In the mid-3rd century the fort was strengthened and rebuilt to defend South Wales against Irish raiders. In the fourth century Roman civilisation declined. The Romans abandoned the fort at Cardiff towards the end of the century.

Owain Glendower burned Cardiff in 1404. This was an easy task as most of the buildings had thatched roof and were made of wood. Cardiff was soon rebuilt and it flourished once again.

In the 16th century, the port of Cardiff officially extended from Chepstow to Worms Head for the purpose of collecting customs. There were many pirates operating from Cardiff often with the assistance of local officials. In the 17th century the navy finally took decisive action to suppress piracy.

Cardiff remained a small town in the 18th century, no larger than it had been in the Middle Ages. In 1762 Water Bailiffs were appointed. They charged tolls for the town quay upkeep.

From the late 18th century Wales was transformed by the industrial revolution. At that time increasing amounts of iron were exported from Cardiff. A canal was built in 1794 as it was difficult to transport iron to the port by land. A sea basin was created in 1798 with a sea lock to allow ships in where they could be loaded or unloaded from the wharf or barges.

In the 19th century Cardiff grew rapidly. In 1801 the population of Cardiff was less than 1,900. By 1851 it was over 18,000. By 1871 it was almost 60,000. By 1900 the population of Cardiff was over 160,000.

The railway reached Cardiff in 1841. By making transport easier it fuelled the growth of Cardiff. In the 19th century there was a shipbuilding industry as well as a rope making industry. Other industries included iron and steel, brewing, milling and paper making.

In the 20th century population growth in Cardiff slowed. The population of Cardiff was about 160,000 in 1900 and reached 280,000 in 2000. Amenities in Cardiff continued to improve during the 20th century. During World War II 355 people were killed in Cardiff by German bombing. Large parts of Butetown were destroyed as was part of city centre. But after 1945 Cardiff was rebuilt. The Central Bus Station opened in 1954. In 1955 Cardiff was made the capital of Wales.

In the 20th century the port of Cardiff declined drastically. The old manufacturing industries also declined but they were largely replaced by new service industries including tourism. Sherman Theatre was built in 1973. St Davids Shopping Centre was built in 1981 (it was renewed and enlarged in 2009). It was followed by Queens West Shopping Centre in 1987 and Capitol Shopping Centre in 1990. The National Ice Rink opened in 1986. The Millennium Stadium opened in 1999. Then at the end of the 20th century it was decided to revitalise Cardiff Docklands by dedicating them to leisure and shopping.

At the beginning of the 21st century Cardiff is a vibrant city. Attractions include the new Mermaid Quay, which is famous for its restaurants and Atlantic Wharf. The Cardiff Millennium Centre opened in 2004. Today the population of Cardiff is 296,000.

CFR Roofing

CFR Roofing have been proud to provide local roofing services to residents and businesses within Cardiff and Penarth for the past 35 years, and look forward to keeping the roofs of region sound, watertight and in good repair for many years to come.

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