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Chimneys & Leadwork

Chimneys & Leadwork

Chimneys and leadwork on roofs are often overlooked when it comes to property maintenance, but both are potential sources of weather damage to the interior of your property if not maintained. CFR Roofing will be pleased to inspect and quote for any necessary work.


As they are usually the highest and most exposed part of any property, chimneys bear the brunt of all assaults by the weather. Not only are they exposed to extremes of hot & cold, driving rain & snow, strong winds and ice, but their design means that the elements attack them on every side.
Unlike walls which only expose one side to the weather, all 4 sides of a chimney are exposed, making chimneys more vulnerable to erosion of the cement joining the bricks, and even causing bricks themselves to crack and split with the passing of time.

Prevention is Cost Effective

Left unattended, the erosion and cracks will allow dampness to seep into the chimney structure causing immense damage to the chimney stack itself and, eventually, to the interior of the property. Take action now to avoid expensive repairs in the future. Contact CFR Roofing for a complete survey and quotation. It could save a lot of problems and expense in the long term, and give you peace of mind now!


Lead is used extensively on roofs to form a weather proof join between upright brickwork and the roof itself. The lead is cemented between the lower bricks and then shaped around the roof tiles to make a completely waterproof join. Like chimneys, the cement pointing holding the lead in place can become loose and eroded over time, enabling dampness to seep into the property interior. It is a good idea to let CFR Roofing inspect and repair your leadwork regularly.

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